Sunday, May 1, 2011

Introductory Post

There are going to be so many things that I want to put on this blog but I can't. You never know what people might make out of the information they don't understand, and what they will do about it. As of the last year, it feels like I have been through a whirlwind of changes. Worries about one thing, will dramatically evolve to another worry overnight. It is funny how through so much information overload, you never really think that there is a whole world out there that is nothing but silence and natural scenery. I've seen these worlds driving all over the American West this past year.

Growing up mostly in industrialized and agricultural Ohio, I began to think and feel that quiet, natural settings were the things of myth and overblown travel advertisements. What I only saw in Ohio were scrub forests, or plots of land that a farmer didn't want to fool with so he donated it as a state, county or city park. Having a strange obsession with trees since I was a girl, I was naturally drawn to these tiny forests whenever I wasn't too exhausted from my adult jobs. As I wandered through the short nature paths, I eventually became aware of how thoughts were clearer for me. I think this is because when I begin such a quiet activity, my mind automatically focuses on problems, schedules, tasks and other routine details. After spending some time in the woods, somehow my thoughts became more organized and priorities would become more in focus.

The idea hit me after experiencing this phenomenon for awhile, that I was engaging in some sort of mental and physical meditation. This is a great realization because I seem to be incapable of focusing my thoughts for very long on one thing, while cancelling everything else out. Even guided meditation is difficult, as I just can't stop thinking about the things I need to accomplish tomorrow. I now refer to walks through the woods as "Forest Therapy". Maybe I'll write a self-help manual someday (just kidding).


  1. An interesting start...

    I've maintained a blog for a number of years now and it can be hard work.

  2. You may now consider your comment cherry to have been taken by one of the very best bloggers in the known universe. ;0)

  3. I plan to get better at it! I want to make it real introspective and somewhat psycological. There is nothing worse than reading a blog that just accounts for what happens in a person's day! Boring!!!


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