Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rules, Rules, everywhere Rules! Even in the Wild!

Have you been anywhere that you were really trying to enjoy, and everywhere you looked it seemed there was a sign telling you not to do something! It seems like any natural setting you go to lately has a host of rules or signs. And you can't not just look at them and read them because their artificial-ness and authoritarian-ness stick out so much. Here are some examples below:

Now I do realize that we have to protect what is left of our forests and wild areas from all the stupid people. But my point is, stupid people are not going to stop doing their asinine things just because someone put a sign up. I can think of at least two occasions where annoying prohibitive signs ruffled my feathers.

One time was when I was visiting a wildlife museum in/or near Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Mo. Not really an outside natural area, but you get my drift. All this place consisted of was a bunch of posed stuffed animals. Kind of ironic isn't it, going to see a museum of natural wildlife that is all dead. But anyway, in about every two feet of these exhibits there was a sign that read, "Do not touch!". I mean there were a ridiculous amount of signs. Some exhibits, which were behind ropes or some barrier like that, had signs clear up on the rocks that read "Do not climb". Well duh! Like I thought I could hop over this barrier right in front your moose and climb up and touch your obviously fake rocks! And as for the animals, I was actually tempted to touch them I must say, because if I did do any damage to them, they would hopefully replace them with something more interesting. I can't believe I paid four bucks to get in that place.

So as I left, I noticed a visitor log. I went over to the log and noticed people writing comments like "Nice Place" and "Had a Great Time!"  For real? Have these people never been to an amusement part, a zoo, or even the real woods! Well I have just always possessed a rebellious, critical spirit. Sometimes I count this as a weakness, other times a strength. I picked up that pen and wrote on the log, "I couldn't enjoy this place with all the damn signs. This is a hostile environment, and it is BOR-ING!"  Somehow I think that comment is no longer present on the visitor's log.

Another place that stands out to me in regards to this topic is a woods I used to visit awhile back. There were some signs telling me to be quiet and respect the quiet sounds of nature. Yo! This ain't a library! And the thing is, I'm pretty quiet in any natural setting anyway, and pretty much anywhere else for that matter. Wild areas shouldn't dictate your every behavior! Maybe I want to bust out with a nature song and dance around the woods kissing trees, what's wrong with that!
I guess I'm saying if you have to put any prohibitive sign in a natural area, make sure it's absolutely necessary, like these for example:


    this song pretty much says it all. It's a remake, but I love me some Tesla!

  2. Ha! I kept thinking of that song a lot when I wrote this post. Tesla is definitely underrated. By the way, I think you should write a blog, you have a great sense of humor. I would totally read it!

  3. Don't even fart in the forest? LOL! Another solid post, that's why you earned the link on my blog...

    You did notice, didn't you?


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