Monday, May 30, 2011

Forest Picture of the Week

So according to Blogger Stats, this is my most viewed post ever. Really? Not this particular post you are looking at right now, but the first forest picture of the week post I put on this blog. The thing about that post was that it didn't contain any of my writing! Just a picture, and that wasn't even mine! Well I'm not going to take this personal I decided. And I am just like, hey, if this draws traffic to my blog then okay. I think what it actually is though, is that people are searching for a forest picture of the week from a bigger website and they landed on my blog instead. Whatever!

Anyway, here is the new forest of the week picture, it is a rain forest. And I guess I am a couple of weeks late on this, since it is a weekly feature that I forgot all about. I'll post a new one next Monday, as I have no intention of letting my new forest pic audience down now. 

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