Monday, October 10, 2011

Are Forests Really Evil?

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You know, I just don't buy it. How could a forest be haunted or evil? It's just people's imaginations running wild when walking at night. Forests are so beautiful and peaceful! How could they harbor evil in them when all they have is plants, trees, and cute wildlife?
If you believe in the unseen world of fairies and elves (and I'm not saying I do...), than they could only ever also be seen as magical! Every time they show a haunted forest on TV, especially this time of the year in October, I just see a dark beautiful forest. It's funny how there is never any real evidence of an evil forest on any of the paranormal shows these days, but that topic will definitely be another blog post.

However, in paranormal legends and folklore, there does seem to be something called "land spirits." These are spirits that may have lived in the area for a long time, died, and because they were so attached to the land they never left. This is probably why so many American Indian ghosts hang around on sacred sites forever. They are so tied to land and they don't care if it has a strip mall on it now. So maybe this is how there could be forest spirits. Apparently, some land spirits may have never lived at all, they are just unknown entities. But I still think that if you were a spirit that dwelled in a forest for eons you would eventually be overcome by the tranquility of the forest and could care less about scaring anyone. But then again, what do I know? And when you think of land spirits, think more or the one pictured below....

and less of the ones in the next picture......

But now that I think about it, if I have my choice of what to do in the afterlife, maybe I will be a forest ghost too.Maybe I could look something like this....

 I hope I'll be that thin,and hopefully have better boobs too.  But not an evil one! I'll just wonder around the woods all day and help out lost people and stuff. But if someone tries to cut down one of my trees I'll do all kinds of ghostly crap to them. Hey, maybe that's why so many woods are "haunted" already?

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  1. If you do pass on and become a forest ghost like that, may I be the first to ask you out on a haunting? ;0)


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