Monday, May 2, 2011

Osama Bin Laden through the forest journey of Reincarnation

I bet I know what you are thinking. Are you going to tie everything to a forest? Well yes I am actually, as nutty as it seems, the forest example is one of the few things that provides clarity for me now. Well on to the hot topic of this moment, Osama Bin Laden. Lots of people are joyously celebrating his death and posting cartoons of him, especially about his arrival in hell. Yes, they are funny. But throughout all this I find myself contemplating what I think happened to him once his soul finally left his body. You see, I believe that the only hell that actually exists is the one that you create in your own mind. So where do I think you and I, and even monsters like Bin Laden go when we leave this mortal coil? I think we reincarnate.

There I said it. Yes people, who I have known for a very long time in a particular religion or other setting, I have changed. And I have changed a lot. Despite me changing so much in the past few years, I never really was who you thought I was. I'm not saying I'm some deep intellectual who hides within herself a wealth of ideas, or a cache if inner turmoil and a devious nature. I'm saying that I have had a tremendous time connecting my outside persona with my inner true nature. Having said that, I really do love you all more than you all know, despite my apparent words or actions. Now back to the recent death of a monster.

I believe that when Bin Laden gave up the ghost. his soul did go somewhere dark and ghastly. Perhaps it was the same horrifying place that Hitler went. But before this, I do believe he had a life review that was shown to him by another spirit, maybe by one he once knew. One can only imagine the events displayed in that review, not that I'm drumming up sympathy for him here, because I'm not. People who have regressed under hypnosis have mentioned a life review. Upon this life review, I believe there is a discussion with very special and enlightened people, some refer to them as ascended masters.  Or they could be an ancestor, or they could be what Christians refer to as angels. At this discussion are talks about whether or not the person who died completed what they were sent to accomplish in their past lifetime. If not, the soul is generally counseled and given some type of  healing or therapy, and then asked whether they want to come back in another life to mend past mistakes.

I'm guessing Osama Bin Laden probably has not made this choice now as I write. He is probably in a serious state of mental confusion. He is probably trying to sort out all he has been taught from an early stage in life; and from that, figuring out what is truly right and wrong. It might take him longer than others to make the decision to live another life and make up for his horrid past in this previous lifetime. He may never decide to do it, as it is said by past-life regressors that it is his choice to do so. He may spend eternity in a macabre scene straight out of the film, What Dreams May Come.  I know a lot of people surely wish that on him.

If he does decide to come back, he could choose to come back as the son or daughter of a 9/11 survivor. That might make the best lesson for him. Whatever he comes back as, I hope he comes back as someone who doesn't take religious dogma so seriously. I hope he gets the concept, as so many don't, that universal, cross-cultural love is the only true religion (not matter what your path is). But for now I am glad he is dead, if nothing else, he is surely discovering the error of his ways.

The forest tie-in is this. I believe our existence is one big series of journeys in order to get back to the divine. It can take several lifetimes to become so incredibly enlightened. Journeys through the forest in many ways can mimic the journeys through lives. A forest can have the qualities of being sinister, mysterious, gnarly, impenetrable, dangerous, and it is very easy to lose your direction with one mistake if you are not careful. Such is life. A forest is also an ethereal place, full of abundance and light, peace and tranquility, brimming with a variety of life and enchanted folklore. The forest contains an wealth of wonders. Such is also life.

If you want to know more about reincarnation and past life regression, the best source I can point you to is Dr. Brian Weiss, an ivy league-trained psychiatrist. I highly recommend all of his books, especially Many Lives, Many Masters. There are also some YouTube videos that feature him speaking, and when he speaks, it is very profound. If you are reading this and you are extremely adverse to my viewpoint, I apologize and beg of you to read more into the afterlife beliefs of others. After all, none of us hold the irrefutable proof of the meaning of life in our hands.

Blessed Be,
Angela in the Forest


  1. Kahlil Gibran said; A little while, a little rest upon the wind and my longing shall gather dust and foam for a new body and another woman shall bear me...

    I too believe in reincarnation. I believe we are all players in the game of hide and seek that God plays with himself.

    We are each of us pieces of the mind of God pretending to be separate and independent of our collective whole. We journey upon the material plane until we discorporate and our spirits return to the collective whole with new new memories with which to entertain ourself.

    Does that make sense?

  2. Well put! I use to scoff at reincarnation in the past. It was not until I seriously looked into it and accepted it that everything in my life and everything around me finally made sense.


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