Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bring back the Cloaks! Bring back the Cloaks! Bring back the Cloaks!

Well to continue on with my fashion theme, I wish now to lament the loss of the most classic of all garments that is no longer in fashion; the cloak. Why? Why? Why, did it go away? It just had the most mysterious, romantic and ethereal notions about it. It was also the most practical of all garments, of any time. It was warm, but could also be made in cooler and lighter materials for the warmer weather. You could make your own at home in like, two hours.  You could have a plethora of pockets sewn on the inside and outside of it. It smooths over any body issues. You never have to worry about what you wear under it. The hood eliminates the need for excessive hair care. And the best part about cloaks, is that you can totally disappear inside one if you want to....

It seems like cloaks went out of style around about 300 years ago. Probably a lot of things account for this such as modern conveniences, relaxed mores, or perhaps a modern disdain for things perceived in many ways as "medieval" (inquisition, serfdom, molesting priests). Well it sure can't be for comfort, at least for me.  I think it would be like wearing a fancier snuggie around all the time.

Probably the only time you've ever seen anybody wear a cloak these days was at the awesome-ist of all outdoor events, the Renaissance Faire. Otherwise known to me as the only place that exists that doesn't think I'm too strange.  Think what you may think of ren faire participants, they are one of the only living legacies of the most versatile garment of all time.

Not all cloaks are black of course. Today I would walk around in this one if my job wasn't dependent upon others' opinions of my sanity.

And I would go with this one in the winter. Perfect for tackling snowstorms. For fun I could pester kids outside playing with Turkish Delight (Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe). Or even more fun, walk outside of a cemetery gate when someone drives by.

You don't even have to go with a traditional style cloak. Heck, I don't care what they come back as, as long as they come back! You can make your cloak into whatever it is you want to express about yourself. Like, nobody is going to mess with this lady at the next board meeting.

I'm all about this cloak variation though.....

.....which is a perfect example of how well a cloak can display, alter or mask your personality as well as anything else you want to hide:

This is lame, I know.

And even though they cover a lot of skin, they are still sexy as hell! Don't believe me? I'll give you three examples right now!!!


 See, I told you! So come on everybody, it's high time we brought sexy back.


  1. Yes for cloaks (:

    good post...

  2. People will have no idea how serious I am on this issue....

  3. I may be wrong, but I think they might actually be making a comeback. only, really short... like above elbow short. -_-

    The classic ones make so much sense though, like if you're traveling in a forest, they keep bugs from getting in your hair and down your shirt >.<

  4. I understand fully. Cloaks are so useful and o-one seems to want to accept them. they all just want to seem grown up but you know deep down they're still kids. why do cloaks have to be for kids and fantasizing LOTR and Narnia geeks. Yup I did say that.


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