Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Help needed. Signs in or about nature that don't make sense.

When I'm searching for post ideas I often come across some strange stuff. I'm sure a lot of what I find is taken out of context or is lost in translation. Still, these signs/images are fantastically strange and hilarius.


Apparently England is a bad place to live if you have a foot fetish. But I saved the best for last, I think. I don't know what this is. If it's a book cover, where is the author's name? Is this all about deforestation? What's he doing on that tree? OMG, if I contemplate this any longer I'll end up in a padded room.

Short and sweet post today, but after some of my recent eternal posts, that is probably a good thing.


  1. Mind crotch? Hope this comment helps you reach your goal. ;0)

  2. Thanks! Now I have to beat this month's record for June!


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