Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Welcome to my fashion sense!

Well, I've always been a little "different". I've always been a little strangely obsessed about nature. Might as well start dressing the part. Except that I would need a full service florist to get me dressed everyday. Hmmm...that would be outrageously expensive...  I guess I would have to go into the forest myself with pruning shears, tape and a stapler. Doesn't sound very comfortable (and risky), but we do have to suffer for our styles these days, don't we?

Now here is my new coat. It's warm, earthy, and won't be mistaken for anyone else's on the coat rack. The perfect outerwear to show your Earth Day event supremacy, especially since everyone just showed up for the refreshments.

This is my hat I wear for those days I don't want to mess with styling my hair, which is generally about 345 out of the 365 days of the year. Butterfly attracting flowers are a good idea to add for that extra dramatic flair.

Now this is the exact pose and look I want to pull off when my dream man walks down the forest trail. Fairies are optional.  

However, the only man these days I could attract with these ensembles in the forest is a man similar to this:

Anymore I can't be picky. If he's got one foot in the grave (looks like it) and comes from old forest money, I am so puttin' a ring on that. Heck, I've already got the wedding dress picked out for it.

You're all invited when it takes place of course. I hope you don't mind sharing the buffet table at the reception with the local forest critters. Just don't forget the bug spray, because it's going one long, heck of a party. I've even got the dress picked out for that...

This is definitely a case of form following function. Not only does this dress for the reception scream "PARTY", no one will be able to see how smashed I'm getting for the honeymoon.  LOL!!!!

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