Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Forest of Illusions

     Do you ever walk in a forest and see something that you thought you saw but didn't? Have you ever seen something in the forest that looked like something and you wished it would come to life? Have you ever been scared by something in the forest and saw it was just an eerie assimilation of branches and rocks? That's just another one of the many magical things about the forest, how its' presence is shown depends on the eye of the beholder.
     And one's perception of it is very telling. For example, if you are distrustful of nature, you will probably see a lot of signs of danger. Such as footprints of a stalker or shadows of a rabid raccoon. If you're an "in-sync-with-nature" kind of person, you'll probably see patterns in fallen leaves and smile at the sight of a snake curled up and basking in the sun. I'm in this last category that I'm about to describe, the "mind-runs-away-with-nature" type. If I'm out in the forest and I see a little hovel caused by a pile of collapsed branches, I imagine it's a portal to another dimension. If I hear what I think to be footsteps all around me, I think that I'm surrounded by all the spirits that live in the forest.
      So the following are some forest-y type illusions that you might like. Some are better than others, and as usual with pictures, my two cents are included.

I think he's about to say something.

                 Deer, as in one or more deer?

 Delightful forest setting, or creepy skull!

I see you!

Yikes! Stripes!

"Oh, that's just the fog looking like that kid I beat up in high school who was going to come back and haunt me til I die someday. Nothing to be frightened of."

"Well this looks like a peaceful spot to camp, kids."

This fox seems to think he's not alone.

Illusion? Maybe. But what else in nature could mimic giant red lips and realistic blue eye balls? This is probably more better off in the fantasy art realm.


A rare example of how someone's butt could end up as a nose.

Ridin' on into Heebie-Jeebieville! Probably not a good place to see a man about a horse (snicker, snicker).

This forest makes me feel like I've been a naughty girl. I'll spare you the explanation.

"I keep getting this strange notion that we forgot something.... Oh GOD! We left our kid at the rest stop!!!!

Lols, I think I just might have to do another forest illusion post someday. Until then, it's back to the illusion that I call life. C'ya all, I hope your week is fantastically unreal.

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