Sunday, June 26, 2011

Somebody shoot me, I have to move again

Some traits would have been nice to pick up from other species, like the compact moving skills of the little forest guy pictured above. Holy crap, I hate moving. I guess there are a few things that are worse, like maybe torture and daytime TV, but that doesn't help to put the misery of moving into perspective any better. It seems like in the past decade, I've moved every 1-3 years.   I could really try and concoct a positive outlook on moving, like I'm entering into a new  realm of my life or something, but the following just really sums it up for me:


There is a lot of emotions mixed in with moving besides all the physical work involved.  I hate coming across old photos of times from the past that I would rather forget:


It also probably doesn't help that I'm the world's worst packer. Like for instance, you will never see me pack clothes in something as methodical as this:

My clothes all get moved in trash bags! And it's not bagged up dry cleaner style either. I pack up absolutely only what I need to hygienically survive in my car and if I can't fit it all in the back of my trunk without body slamming it three times, it gets pitched at the car wash trash can!  Here is a better depiction of my moving style:

I've also learned after several moves to not be a hoarder. Everything you haul up in your pad, you have to hand carry it out eventually.

Usually a few months before I move I pack up  a bunch of stuff and sell it on Ebay. By the time I get it sold and pay for shipping and Paypal, I've made enough money to buy the good quality kind of trash bags to pack the really irreplaceable stuff in.

This move is especially scary because I can't find a place to live yet. Every decent apartment I find is too far away. Some apartments look great online, but when you check past tenant reviews people write things about them like "cockroach zoo", or "I'd rather slit my wrists then move back there." At this point, I'm thinking about this strategy if I can find a good, secluded area:

I'm hoping a few months from now I will look back to this time and laugh about my apartment anxiety and moving apprehension. I would also like to think that maybe someone, anyone, will miss me from here too.

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