Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lost in the complaining Forest: Only bad if you're proud of it.

This picture above is called The Complaining Forest and is actually an art installation by Olaf Breuning. It got me thinking about the oldest human activity of all time; complaining. We all do it, and we all do it more than we realize so it really makes me mad when I see self-righteous crap like this posted around places:


Usually it's always the number one pain in the a**  in the place that is putting those up to begin with. Again, like I said, we all complain. Even when we know people have it worse than us we still find a way to complain. So when I spent the early part this year complaining that I couldn't find a job, I knew there were a lot of people worse off than me. I still complained, despite knowing how lucky I was for having an awesome, well-paying part time job and a nice, but temporary, roof over my head. Why was I still complaining? Because I didn't have the ability to get the confidence of being fully independent and proving my abilities to the fullest capacity. WAH, right? I mean I could have this guy's job;

Still, complaining does actually tend to make things better. A lot of times it is the constructive criticism that makes things run smoother, and it makes products we buy better. I'm a firm believer in this:

However, there is definitely a down side to complaining, and we all know those people who complain all the time without ever trying to solve any problems. But the worse, and I mean the absolute worse, are those people who are proud of it and like it. You know people like these:

UGH!!!! I can't stand these people! Why would you want to be proud for making other people miserable for your attitude in life? What makes you think that anybody thinks you are so much more fun to be around, and/or hear your self-centered, sassy approach to anything? Who gave you power over anything that anyone would care about?  Anytime I see a bumper sticker on the back of some chick's car like the one above, I picture a home scene of them like this:

Some of us don't have choice in dealing with these constant complainers because we have to work for or alongside them, or we have to live with them (for awhile anyway). So if you are one of those people who love to complain, and do it as much as possible despite the suffering of others, at least try and make it funny for some comic relief. An example provided by this lovely forest creature:

In general, while there is a productive side to complaining, I think that everybody in the whole world needs to be a lot more like this guy:

And finally, I do realize I complained a lot while writing this. :-P

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